Savior's Path - Demons and Atelia

Devianne says that the demons inside the refinery must be stopped, and asks you to destroy them...
NPC: Devianne (Blackbird Campsite)
Requirements:savior's path — search the refinery complete
 XP 108 766 499 040
 Available SP 108 766 440
 Adena 12 309 205

1. Defeat the Demons

Target: Atelia Refinery (Atelia Refinery)
 Atelia Refinery Monster 500
Devianne at the Atelia Refinery has asked you to reduce the number of demons inside the Atelia Refinery to check the flow of energy in the refinery.

Monsters to hunt:
Death Rogue, Death Shooter, Death Warrior, Death Sorcerer, Death Pondus, Devil Nightmare, Devil Warrior, Devil Guardian, Devil Sinist, Devil Varos, Demonic Wizard, Demonic Warrior, Demonic Archer, Demonic Keras, Demonic Weiss

2. Return to Devianne

Target: Devianne (Blackbird Campsite)
 Talk to Devianne
You have wiped out the demons in the Atelia Refinery. Return to Devianne at the Atelia Refinery entrance.