Savior's Path - Search the Refinery

Leona Blackbird says the Embryo must be up to something inside the Atelia Refinery and asks you to find out in her stead as she is still in rehabilitation.
NPC: Leona Blackbird (Blackbird Campsite)
Requirements:savior's path — discovery complete
 XP 27 191 624 760
 Available SP 27 191 610
 Adena 3 077 301

1. To Devianne

Target: Devianne (Blackbird Campsite)
 Talk to Devianne
In order to search the refinery, Leona Blackbird has told you to go see Devianne who has been investigating the place for a long time.

2. Link with Etina

Target: Atelia Refinery (Command Post)
 Token of Etina 20
Devianne was certain the Embryo was up to something inside Atelia Refinery. She has told you to defeat the Embryo's minions in the refinery and return with the Tokens of Etina as proof.

Monsters to hunt:
Atelia Yuyurina, Atelia Popobena

3. Return to Devianne

Target: Devianne (Blackbird Campsite)
 Talk to Devianne
You have collected all Tokens of Etina from the Embryo in the Atelia Refinery. Report back to Devianne at the Atelia Refinery entrance.