Exalted, Reaching Another Level

Lionel Hunter, Eva's Guardian Knight in Heine, says that he will let you in on how to reach a new level beyond the power of the Exalted that you obtained before...
NPC: Lionel Hunter (Krofin's Nest)
Requirements:complete the quest "exalted, one who shatters the limit"
 XP 1 178 303 740 714
 Available SP 1 178 303 740
 Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted Lv. 4 1
 Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4

1. Test for a Whole New Level

Eva's Knight, Lionel Hunter, in Heine said that to reach a new stage, you must pass a few tests. You must first reach level 104, then, you must obtain certificates from Commando Captain Sporcha in Hellbound Refugee Camp, Giant Tracker Captain Krenat in the Giant's Cave, Fishing Guild Leader Santiago in Heine, and Hunter Guild President Arcturus in Hunter's Village, stating you have passed their tests. This can be substituted by completing a mission from High Priest Sylvain in the Einhasad Temple in the Town of Dion.

2. Return to Lionel

Target: Eva's Guardian Knight Lionel Hunter (Krofin's Nest)
 Talk with Lionel Hunter.
You passed all the tests again by Lionel Hunter, Eva's Guardian Knight in Heine, and four persons that he appointed. Return to Lionel Hunter, Eva's Guardian Knight in Heine, and report to him.