Exalted, Reaching Another Level

Lionel Hunter, Eva's Knight from Heine, says that he will let you in on how to reach a new level beyond the power of the Exalted that you obtained before...
NPC: Lionel Hunter (Krofin's Nest)
Requirements:complete "exalted, one who shatters the limit"
 Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted Lv. 4 1
 Spellbook: Vitality of the Exalted Lv. 1 1
 Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4

1. Test for a Whole New Level

 Reach Lv. 105
 Proof of Reputation 80000
According to Eva's Knight Lionel Hunter from Heine in order to reach a whole new level of fighting ability you need to reach Lv. 105 and defeat monsters in the following hunting grounds.

Monsters to hunt: monsters in Beleth's Magic Circle, Desert Quarry, Phantasmal Ridge, Enchanted Valley, Ivory Tower Crater, Silent Valley, Alligator Island, Tanor Canyon, Forest of Mirrors, Field of Silence, Isle of Prayer, Breka's Stronghold, Sel Mahum Training Grounds, Plains of the Lizardmen, Fields of Massacre, Wasteland, Fafurion Temple, Dragon Valley.

2. Return to Lionel

Target: Eva's Knight Lionel Hunter (Krofin's Nest)
 Talk with Lionel Hunter.
You have done everything Eva's Knight Lionel Hunter had asked of you and completed the quest. Return to Heine and speak to Eva's Knight Lionel Hunter.