Exalted, One Who Overcomes the Limit

Lionel Hunter says to come find him since you are ready to take the second trial to get the power that surpasses all limits.
NPC: Lionel Hunter (Krofin's Nest)
Requirements:complete "exalted, one who faces the limit"
 Spellbook: Dignity of the Exalted Lv. 2 1
 Spellbook: Belief of the Exalted 1
 Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 2

1. A Test to Overcome the Limit

Lionel Hunter tells you that in order to obtain a new power you must pass the second test. First, you must reach Lv. 100, and then complete the trials given to you by the Head Priest of the Earth Daichir in the Town of Schuttgart, the Olympiad Manager, Maestro Ishuma in the Wharf of Gludio Airships, and Sir Kristof Rodemain in the Town of Giran, and receive certificates from them.

2. Return to Lionel

Target: Eva's Knight Lionel Hunter (Krofin's Nest)
 Talk with Lionel Hunter.
You've passed all the trials given to you by the 4 people that Lionel Hunter selected. Go report back to Lionel Hunter in Heine.