Best Choice

You met Herphah again in the Town of Aden, who said combat isn't the only way to become stronger and offered to tell you the secret of becoming stronger through other means...
NPC: Herphah (Dimensional Rift)
 Herphah's Support Box 1
 Herphah's Mission List

1. Another Way to Become Stronger

Herphah in the Town of Aden told you about a way to become stronger without fighting. You can experience various missions by undertaking the Fishing mission of Fishing Guild Leader Santiago in Heine, the Enchanting mission of Blacksmith Rupio in the Town of Giran, the Augmenting mission of Head Blacksmith Flutter in the Town of Oren, the Soul Crystal Enhancing mission of Blacksmith Vincenz in the Town of Rune, and the Attribute assigning mission of Head Blacksmith Ferris in the Town of Aden. Complete every mission and collect the certificates.

2. Return to Herphah

Target: Herphah (Dimensional Rift)
 Talk to Herphah
You have completed every mission that Herphah in the Town of Aden told you about and collected all five certificates. Now, return to the Town of Aden and report the results to Herphah.