Embryo Stronghold Raid

After you succeeded in protecting Keucereus, his spy Erda showed up and urged you to head to the Embryo's Stronghold. Erda said you can only approach the Embryo's Stronghold for a short while after successfully defending the Keucereus Alliance Base and before the Embryo prepares for battle.
NPC: Erda (Outer Messiah's Castle)
Requirements:Defend the Keucereus Alliance Base.
 XP 29 682 570 651
 Available SP 71 108 570
 Superior Giant's Codex - Mastery Chapter 1 1

1. Defeat Embryo Commander.

Target: Messiah Castle Outpost
 Defeat Embryo Officer. 30
Erda from the Keucereus Alliance Base has asked you to go to Messiah Castle, the newly discovered Embryo Headquarters, and defeat its commanders.

Monsters to hunt:
Sampson, Hanson, Grom, Medvezhy, Zigatan, Hunchback Kwai, Cornix, Caranix, Jonadan, Demien, Berg, Tarku, Tarpin, Embryo Safe Vault, Embryo Secret Vault, Sakum, Crazy Typhoon, Cursed Haren, Flynt, Harp, Maliss, Isadora, Whitra, Bletra, Advanced Siege Tank, Vegima, Varonia, Aronia, Odd, Even, Nemertess

2. Report to Erda.

Target: Keucereus Agent Erda (Outer Messiah's Castle)
 Talk with Erda.
You defeated all the commanders stomping in the Messiah Castle. Report this to Erda in the Keucereus Alliance Base.