Bloody Battle - Meeting the Commander

Hurak tells you that the Commander should come out any minute now, and to get rid of him when he comes out…
NPC: Hurak (Atelia Fortress Outpost)
Requirements:complete "bloody battle — rescue the smiths"
 XP 7 262 301 690
 SP 17 429 400
 Rune Stone 1
 Scroll of Escape: Blackbird Campsite 1

1. Defeat Burnstein

Blackbird Clan Member Hurak has asked you to defeat Commander Burnstein on the 3rd floor.

Monster to hunt: Burnstein

2. To Truth Seeker Devianne

Target: Truth Seeker Devianne (Command Post)
 Talk to Devianne
You've defeated Burnstein who came out of the Command Post. Go find Devianne at the entrance of the Command Post and report.