Chasing Varangka

You have defeated monsters in the Den of Evil, and now await your chance to defeat Varangka
NPC: Chairen (Den of Evil)
Requirements:complete "chasing varangka"; duelist, phoenix knight, hell knight, adventurer, eva's templar, sword muse, wind rider, shillien templar, spectral dancer, ghost hunter, grand khavatari, doombringer, soul hound, judicator
 XP 14 120 400
 SP 3388
 Steel Door Guild Coin 30
 Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-grade) 2
 Unknown Reward ?

1. Varangka the Dark Shaman

Chairen in the Den of Evil says preparations are now in place to defeat Varangka the Dark Shaman.

Monsters to hunt: Varangka the Dark Shaman

2. Return to Jokel

You have successfully defeated Varangka the Dark Shaman. Report back to Jokel the Giant's minion in the Den of Evil.