The Immortal Pirate King

Captain Jeronin of the Town of Giran asks that you defeat Zaken, who has come to possess an immortal body, saying there is no knowing when he will become a threat to Giran Castle...
NPC: Jeronin (Town of Giran)
 XP 34 720 560
 SP 41 664
 Adena 359 064

1. Defeat the Higher Daytime Zaken

Target: The Pirate Caverns
You have been asked by Captain Jeronin in the Town of Giran to defeat the Higher Daytime Zaken. You can transport to the pirate caverns which lie at the deepest depths of Devil's Isle through the Zaken Researcher Somulitan at Giran Harbor. Find the Pathfinder Worker there to participate in the battle against Zaken.

Monsters to Hunt — Higher Daytime Zaken

2. Return to Jeronin

Target: Captain Jeronin (Town of Giran)
 Speak with Captain Jeronin
You have succeeded in defeating Zaken. Return to the Town of Giran and report to Captain Jeronin.