Exploring the Dimension - Sealing the Dimension

You have completed 30 Dimensional Rift Explorations, and are now ready to seal the weakened Dimensional Rift.
NPC: Beloa
 Commando Belt 1
 Zodiac Agathion Box (15-day) 1
 Rune Stone 1

1. Dimensional Crack Search - 30-day Operation

Target: Remnant of the Rift
 Remnant of the Rift 30
You need 30 of the Remnants of the Rift item in order to seal the Dimensional Rift.
Remnants of the Rift can be gained by defeating the daily Dimensional Crack Search missions.

2. Complete "Dimensional Crack Search - 30-day Operation"

Target: Dimension Searcher Beloa
You have completed 30 daily Dimensional Crack Search missions, and collected 30 Remnants of the Rift.
Return to Beloa at the Dimensional Rift and report.